DogViz London

DogViz London

Who’s in the park?

What does the DogViz App do?

Welcome to DogViz. We make your dog’s visits to the park more fun because their doggy buddies will be there to play with. With DogViz whenever you enter one if London’s 3500 parks all your dog’s buddies are instantly notified, and you can also see which parks your dog’s buddies are in, plus who’s taking them for walkies. You can also quickly send a message to say when you plan to visit a park and which dogs you’re taking. Only the owners or walkers of your dog’s buddies get these messages, and once you leave a park all location updates stop. 

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Main Page - Parks

Lists your local Parks. Number of buddies per park. Zoom in / out. Search Park Names

Main Page - Buddies

Lists all your dog's buddies. Where they are, when they arrived, and who's taking them for walkies.

Main Page - My Dogs

Lists all your dogs. Set if they are with you or not.